Animated lure review Pros and Cons

Anyone would think that using an electrical device in the water could have consequences. However, with the Robotic Swimming Fishing Lure it is different.

Thanks to the fact that it has a coating resistant to water and the blows of the weights, making it resistant and durable.

It is a piece of technology which is used to facilitate fishing. According to its manufacturer, it ensures that you catch the fish, 95% of the time.

It is thanks to this that the Robotic Swimming Fishing Lure has become one of the best lures for fishing any fish.

General characteristics of the Robotic Swimming Fishing Lure

A robotic lure can have incredible features and the Robotic Swimming Fishing Lure certainly has them. Let’s see what are the most remarkable features of this incredible fishing lure:

  • Appropriate size and weight. Matches the shape and size of a real fish to catch better fish.
  • Realistic figure. Its 3D model perfectly simulate a fish, with pearly eyes and vivid colors, as well as excellent articulation.
  • Propeller propeller.  You can swim on your own thanks to a propeller and a powerful motor that propels it easily, it also has automatic swimming.
  • Antreep technology. Completely waterproof, thanks to its coating that protects the charging unit and the battery.
  • USB charging: Easy to charge, the wiring is very practical and it has universal USB so you don’t run out of charge. Provides between 30 and 60 minutes of autonomy with 2 to 3 hours of charge.

Advantages and disadvantages

We have compiled each of the best features of the Robotic Swimming Fishing Lure, but to acquire a piece of technology you need more information.

Here, we will show both the advantages and the disadvantages of purchasing this product. Although the decision is more than obvious with artifacts of this quality:


They have pearly eyes and a 3D structure that perfectly simulates a fish.
Its joints make it move in the water and attract more fish.

Easy to recharge and use.

Anticreep technology that protects the charging unit and battery against exposure to salt water.

Realistic size and weight, equal to that of a small fish.


It only provides a maximum of one hour of autonomy, compared to its load which is up to 3 hours.

Opinions of the Robotic Swimming Fishing Lure

Anglers who have used this new lure have found that it really does completely improve fishing.

Mainly the acceptance of the propeller motor stands out in the opinions, since it provides its own mobility.

Those who use it say they can catch even the most difficult fish with the Robotic Swimming Fishing Lure quickly.

This is to be expected as this lure completely mimics a small fish, attracting a large number of fish.

Do not hesitate to buy this piece of technology, it is completely recommended for novice and expert fishermen.

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