Animated Lure Review (Pros & Cons)

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Generally, an animated lure is a self-propelling swimbait lure that is electronically programmed to mimic the swim patterns of live bait. The main purpose is to attract a fish to bite it. Aside from this, animated lures can vibrate and turn on a light to attract fish more. As time goes on, animated lures are getting more popular, although most factories are not still producing them since they appeared in the market. An animated lure has a segmented tail with great action as the Lure moves itself using the propeller on the nose. One of the most fascinating and unconventional fishing lures in the market is the robotic Lure. It is a battery-powered, rechargeable lure with an electric propeller on its nose, which enables it to move completely on its own without the need for reeling or technique by the angler. Some robotic fishing lures are USB rechargeable. Robotic swimming lure makes use of a simulated programming system and lighting design with high-speed motor and LED lighting. They are specially designed for use under different circumstances as follows:

  • The Bass Lure: For this particular Lure, the various sections of the body of the Lure are connected by metal and can hold out against the strong bite force, compared to the ordinary Lure, which most of time, is easily connected by the big fish. It consists of a multi-section design and a flexible body, forming a more realistic form of fish swimming.
  • The Freshwater Lure: For this Lure, the robotic swimming lure, there is the incorporation of floats and a leader line to keep the robotic swimming lure swimming in the water. This solves the problem of entanglement with the underwater debris, which is often present in the freshwaters. Additionally, this robotic Lure, specifically designed for freshwaters, uses different lengths of front wires at different water depths to keep the waters of the robotic swimming lure in your control.
  • The Saltwater Lure: When charged for three to four hours, this robotic swimming lure can work intelligently for up to 1.5 hours. The USB charging interface that it uses is very convenient for charging and can take care of the problem of long charging for a long time. The main feature of this Lure is Anticreep’s proprietary technology that protects the charging unit and battery from saltwater exposure and corrosion.

The Animated Lure uses four main ways to attract fish as listed below:

  1. Life-like movement- The animated Lure mimics the swim patterns of live bait.
  2. Their realistic appearance
  3. Vibration
  4. Sound


How to Charge the Animated Lure

 Charging an animated lure is easy as it requires only a few quick steps to do so. For the charging, you are required to attach the red alligator tips on the charging cable to the metal ring on the top of the Lure. You will then need to attach the black alligator tips to the first hook ring on the bottom of the Lure. Once you have attached the Lure to the clips, plug in the charging cable into a USB outlet, such as an iPhone outlet cord plug. A blue light behind the eye on the Lure is an indication that it is charging. Upon completing the charging process, the light will go off.

Pros of the Animated Lure

  1. It is quite mesmerizing how this Lure looks in the water. It has a very realistic appearance and an incredible lifeline action. The action of the segmented tail when the propeller revs up is very enticing to the fish and, as a result, a very effective baiting method.
  2. The elite coloring and paint detailing make the animated Lure appear realistic. Most animated lures come in different styles and colors, giving you a variety of options to choose from.
  3. The animated lures are easy to use. The only thing you will be expected to do is tie a bobber above the Lure, cast out, and sit there doing nothing but wait. Meanwhile, the Lure will move and work itself under the bobber without reeling or moving the rod at all. It is very convenient when fishing with a kid who may just be getting introduced to fishing.
  4. Animated Lure when used for the desired purpose, for instance, using the freshwater Lure on freshwaters and saltwater lure on the salty waters, they are durable. These lures require very little effort and cost to maintain hence save you on time and money.

Cons of the Animated Lure

While they are becoming popular in the market, the animated lures also have some disadvantages. They include: 3 Motivos para aprender ballet

  1. They are pricey- Compared to other fishing baits, the animated lures are quite costly. The technology used to make these baits is a bit complex compared to the other fishing baits, which makes it a little bit pricey.
  2. Electronics and Corrosions- It is common knowledge that anything with electronics in it will speed up the saltwater corrosion process and accelerate the rusting process. Although some designs have come up that are suitable for the salty waters, such as the Saltwater Robotic Fishing Lure, it is still possible that some people do not use the specific Lure for the specific fishing waters. The lures recommended for freshwater use can also be used in the saltwater as they are not limited to the fresh waters only.
  • Durability- Over time, these lures will succumb to rusting and corrosiveness, especially when used in salty water. This corrosion is prone to cause the Lure to break down and ruin the electronics.

Animated Lure can be used to fish in open water under a cork around schooling baitfish. After a few seconds to minutes in water, the propeller activates while you sit back and watch the Lure do the rest of the work. Although the Animated Lures may be expensive, it is also one of the most innovative lures currently in the market. The combination of technology and the Lure makes fishing easy and fun, especially for kids and the people who are new to fishing or just getting started.

The Animated Lure is one of the most interesting and unconventional fishing lures on the market today.

This is a battery-powered, rechargeable lure that has an electric propeller on its nose which allows it to move completely on its own.

All you have to do to use it is put it on a bobber and cast it out. The lure will work itself all on its own.

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Each Animated Lure pack comes with three items:

Animated Lure

USB charging cable

One additional propeller

Top Three Pros Of The Animated Lure

1. Incredibly Lifelike Action

2. Elite Coloring And Paint Detailing

3. Easy To Use

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Animated Lure Review (Pros & Cons)

Generally, an animated lure is a self-propelling swimbait lure that is electronically programmed to mimic the swim patterns of live bait. The main purpose is t



Animated Lure Review (Pros & Cons)

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Animated Lure Review (Pros & Cons)


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